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Super Party Heroes

Your Tinkerbell Themed Kids Party Turns Simply Magical With Just One Phone Call!

Every Boy and Girl will clap their hands as they chant “I believe in Fairies.” Invite all the children into your magical world of Neverland with a hired character entertainer dressed to fit your theme as your most beloved green fairy.

– A fully integrated show jam-packed with themed Tinkerbell party games, entertainment and fairy fun to make your party time…just fly by!
For kids fairy themed birthday parties anywhere in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, your professional kids party entertainer, dressed in costume will bring the children into an imagination of whimsical magic and make adults pleased that they called for such sparkling entertainment.

Our one hour show breakdown is as below:
Your Tinkerbell themed party host flies onto the scene to greet the latest batch of fairies and pixies of neverland and their quen, your birthday girl. Complete with Tinkerbell wings, your entertainer zooms the boys and girls through exciting activities with a host of races, Neverland survival games and competitions.
After stirring the kids into a tizz with neverland training, it’s time for a well-deserved juice break and a chance for your entertainer, dressed as Tinkerbell,  to share her mission secrets on how Captain Hook took over Neverland. From defeating Captain Hook, to walking the plank towards the giant crocodile, your host will have boys and girls wide eyed. We pay so much attention to your birthday girl to make sure that she feels super special on her birthday.
The children are shown how they can use the colourful parachute to learn how to fly, The chute is 3 metres and brightly coloured. It is so much fun to play with and we even spin the birthday girl around on the parachute and sing happy birthday; A true Neverland tradition.
The children must then show that they have magical powers to stay in Neverland. Tinkerbell has fairy dust that can do just about anything. Your entertainer will take the boys and girls and show them that with happy thoughts, anything is possible.
Commpetition tie (where everyone is a winner) Can you answer questions about Tinkerbell and her friends? Do you know the way to Neverland? If you get them right you win a balloon from your fabulous character entertainer.
To finish off a successful day of Neverland training, our Tinkerbell themed Party Character  hands out giveaways for every child. Our entertainer then gets all the boys and girls to sing happy birthday to your daughter, before it is time for souvenir photos with their favourite fairy. Our host then bids all the new fairies and pixies farewell and asks them to visit Neverland one day, before flying back to her hideout. Your Tinkerbell birthday party will be a bit hit with everyone talking about it at school.

One-and-a-half and two-hour parties feature more party options and longer interactive sessions such as super balloon twisting, face painting, craft and pass the parcel, so why not contact us to find out more!