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How To Cope With The Terrifying Tween Parties!
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When Your child hits that time between being too old for little kids entertainment and to young for teenage entertainment book SuperSteph to entertain them with a show for their age level!

Older boys and girls need to feel respected and treated like an adult. All the slapstick humour that aged 7 and under just does not cut it with the over 9’s. They want fun and colour and a giggle with their friends. SuperSteph and her Super Party Heroes know exactly how to entertain these kids and keep them fully occupied and having a great time for the full duration of the party!

See parents feedback on our older kids birthday parties!

Why Choose Our Entertainment Shows For Your Older Children’s Parties?

Our shows for the older age group (e.g 9 year olds, 10 year olds , 11 year olds etc) are fun, hands on activities that have the element of colour and fun (such as the disco lights and colourful balloons) and yet, also have the challenge that older children need. They learn new skills, such as making incredible balloon hats, seeing what a “real” magician does to fool even adults, and competitions are always the crux of our disco parties.

Hire an experienced “tweens” party entertainer to guarantee that your older child has a great time at their 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th birthday party!

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