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The most popular themed birthday party in Brisbane and The Gold Coast has a show to fit perfectly for it! If you are having a Frozen themed birthday party take a look at our Snow Queen that will whisk your boys and Girls into a flurry of happiness.

Everyone loves Elsa and Anna. Our Performers to their very best to bring those two characters to life.

The children call out for their favourite character. They glance around to see a beautiful princess in blue and white coming from the distance. They quickly get introduced and start to play all the fun activities that Elsa and Anna used to play as children. They Race around the halls of the palace, rescue each other from the giant snowman Marshmallow and whisk around the snow on a giant parachute, just like Kristoph whizzes around on his Sledge. They learn how to freeze to the sound of the music and play all sorts of games themed around the Frozen movie.
After running around everyone has a quick drink of “melted snow” and learn what it is really like to be like Elsa. The children ask the entertainer many questions such as “How to princesses walk up snow in a little dress?” “What did Elsa Eat up in the palace?” “why, snow cones, of course!”
Everyone has magical powers just like Elsa. Now it is time to learn how to make them real. The children use their hands to cast a snow spell to make a magic book full of different colours and pictures. Everyone gets very excited and all the magic goes wrong. The birthday girl helps her best Princess to make it all better again.
Quiz Time on Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the rest of the gang. Everyone who is a “Frozen Fan” wins a balloon animal. made right in front of their eyes.
Finally, everyone sings happy birthday to the biggest fan of Frozen, your daughter. All the children get a prize for passing their extensive Frozen training and everyone celebrates by singing happy birthday to your special girl.