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Organized Party Games With Your Professional Entertainer Dressed As Princess Cinderella

Our show breakdown is as follows:

0-10 minutes Meet & Greet
Your hired entertainer dressed up as Cinderella is the most beloved of all the list of princesses – the best Fairy Godmother(You) will feature a sparkling radiant Cinderella to visit your Birthday Girl for the most Royal Princess. Your entertainer in a Cinderella costume will rush through the Royal Castle to avoid the 12 midnight curse to greet the children and your amazing birthday girl. Your booked Cinderella host will arrive dressed fit for a ball at the royal palace (your backyard) to meet all the princess fans and guess who’s the very special birthday girl – she gets this wrong in so many funny ways.

Once she finally found the most special girl of the day, your entertainer will now guide the children on how to become mini princess and rescue their pals from the evil step mother and sisters

10-20 minutes Fun Themed Games
Your performer will be teaching everyone to be the best Royal prince and princesses they could be. The entertainer blows bubbles in the air and asks the children to pop them to teach them how to have super fast reflexes in case that they will have to run and avoid the evil sisters. They have to pop the bubble with all silly parts of their body – including their TONGUE!

The entertainer has prepared a very fun princess survival skills such as how to run super fast to prevent the 12 midnight curse, how to hide from the evil step mother etc..

20-35 minutes Rescue Me!
Cinderella will tell a story to the mini princesses that she was captured and thrown to a dim room by her step mother, your entertainer does not want this to happen to any of the aspiring prince and princesses so she came up with a fun game that will test the children how to be rescued from bad villagers. The children will get wrapped in a huge ream of paper while their other friends have to save them in order to learn the goal. Sometimes, mummies and daddies are being part of this silly yet fun game.

The children learn from the kids party performer that, the only way to conquer true love is to know who your friends are who your enemies are. All the children sit in a big circle for a super fun story time and some surprises.

35-40 minutes Use Your Magic Powers
Just before Cinderella ran away from her stepmother and her ugly stepsisters, a fairy godmother appeared and waved her wand to give cinderella the gift of twisting balloons. Godmother gave this gift to cinderella specially made for your birthday child and to entertain her best friends by turning birthday balloons into doggies, flowers, swords, caps and space guns.

40- 55 mins: Magical Princess Parachute
Another surprise awaits! Your entertainer will bring a Princess parachute.
The children will screen excitedly as they run as the go underneath the rainbow coloured parachute while spinning the chute around and your little birthday party princess in the middle as she listen to her friends sing “Happy Birthday”.

55-minutes to 1 hour Singing Happy Birthday & Prize Giving
At this point, we can say that the Princess Training is now completed, your Princess Belle host gives out birthday party stickers and magnets. All mini princesses get to sing happy birthday to your special child before your host says farewell to all mini princesses fans.

You can even get your Cinderella party entertainer to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the birthday girl. Your superhero party entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a magic wand making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.

For only a little extra you will receive half an hour MORE of fun as the princess character whisks her magic to paint up to 20 little cheeks in just 30 minutes!! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will leave the party with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value!

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