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Hire an Alice in Wonderland or a Mad Hatter Themed Party Game Show Entertainer For Your Kids Birthday Party. Don’t miss our 5-starred party entertainment services that Mums and Dads rated in the Brisbane & The Gold Coast Contact Us

Planned and Organised Party Themed Activities With Your Professional Entertainer Spruced Up as Alice and/or Mad Hatter

Whether you’re throwing an Alice or Mad Tea Party that’s sure to attract the attention of all the guests and your birthday child, Super Party Heroes will make sure that our Alice or Mad Hatter in Wonderland packages are going to be a fully Integrated show jam-packed with Themed Party activities and will bring the best Alice in Wonderland Experience for all the children and adults. Your hired Entertainer will get all the children into lots of planned activities by putting them into a training as to how they could be their idol (Alice or Mad Hatter) and make the adults pleased that they have experienced such AWESOME entertainment

Our one hour show break down is as below:

0-10 minutes Meet & Greet
Your Alice or the Mad Hatter Performer will come speeding in from a rabbit hole to attend a very most promising Birthday Celebration. Their trip to the magical world of Wonderland will be exciting as they get to meet a very special boy or girl who would want to be part of the Alice in Wonderland team! Your entertainer will be greeted by up to 30 amazed children dying to ask your booked entertainer some questions such as “Can you fly Alice?”, “Do you have Magical Powers Mad Hatter?”, “Why are you called Mad Hatter?” etc.

Your performer will make sure everyone will have fun the moment he will enter the magical garden (your backyard) so your entertainer came up with a game of Guessing who the birthday child is… The entertainer gets this wrong in so many silly ways that everyone gets to laugh and giggle (including parents). Once they were able to guess who the special boy/girl is, Mad Hatter or Alice will bring the good news to all the kids letting them know that they are going to learn how to become a real savior and be part of Alice’s team! Everyone gets really excited for the training!
10-20 minutes Fun Themed Games

Your hired Alice Entertainer blows up lots of bubbles in the air to ask the children pop all of it to clear their training area. All children have to pop all the bubbles with all silly parts of their body – including their TONGUE!

Your entertainer in a Mad Hatter costume has prepared lots of training games. He will teach the children survival skills such as how to run super fast from trolls, how to hide from the evil and how to weave quickly so that they can beat the trolls and save the queen of hearts.

20-35 minutes Rescue Me!
The Birthday Child and his/her best of friends will get wrapped with an enormous ream of paper while the other friends have to save them. This is to make all children understand how to be rescued from evil who could capture them in isolation. Sometimes we even have the mum and dads join in! It’ll be a laugh riot!

The entertainer will ask all the children to find a perfect spot to gather around and sit in circle for a super fun game of Queen, Queen of Hearts.

The Mad Hatter brings a big long rope out to play tug of war in order to test the children’s strength incase they need to be physical with their enemies.

35-40 minutes Use Your Magic Powers
Alice and Mad Hatter have their own magical powers! Your entertainer/s will show and teach the children how to improve their magical powers too to be used for some of their battles in saving the queen! The children cannot work out how they performed a miracle!

40-55 minutes Parachute Of Colour & Balloons
A Giant, colorful parachute will be flung out across the crowd – This is a real eye catcher and is a great photo opportunity. Lots of activities will be done using the chute. One of them will make your birthday child feel so SO special by having your child sit in the middle of the parachute while his/her best of friends are holding the chute spinning around will singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The entertainer will also play all sorts of games with the chute such as bringing the chute up and down while some of your child’s best friends are laying on the garden, screaming with excitement, face up, underneath it, pretending that they are hiding from the Queen Of Hearts in Wonderland.

Finally, your themed party character will create all sorts of silly, wobbly balloon animals/ swords/ flowers and love hearts for the children that are skilled in the art of staying SUPER STILL. The music is also played and the children have to freeze as soon as they hear the music stop. This teaches them how to stay perfectly still and inconspicuous in case of danger.

The children are now trained to defend themselves from The Queen of Hearts Soldiers with… a tickle sword! These bright coloured balloons are given out (also a good photo opportunity) with smiling faces from the birthday child and his/her best of friends as they receive one.

55 minutes to 1 hour Singing Happy Birthday |& Prize Giving
At this point the training has been completed! Each child is given a sticker and a magnet as a commemoration of completing their Wonderland training. Time to sing Happy Birthday to the most important person at the party – your little boy or girl! Your hired host will gather all the children and adults as they grab the lighter and camera. The entertainer manages the crowd, squeezing them all in for a good photo as your child blows the candles on his/her perfect birthday cake! The entertainer then leads them into the famous song with cheers of HIP HIP HORRAAY!! with everone eating party food, the cake gets whisked off to be cut up and dished out as dessert. Your birthday Party will be a big hit with everyone talking about it at school.

EXTRA 30 MINUTES? Pass The Parcel & Wand Making
You can even get your themed party entertainer to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet your child. Your party entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a wand making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.

For only a little extra you will receive 30 mins MORE of entertainment as your Brisbane birthday party performer whisks her magic to paint up to 20 little cheeks in just 30 minutes!! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will leave the party with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value! (Please note: Due to the need for speed on face painting, we have set designs that are not themed. If you need themed face paints please hire one of our fabulous face painters for a minimum of two hours.)

Balloon Replacement Time – Extra Ballooning  (MAD HATTER)
Only for $70+GST you will receive 30 mins MORE of entertainment as your Brisbane birthday party performer whisks his magic to create balloon animals in just 30 minutes!! Each girl and boy will leave the party with balloon sword or flower or balloon dog or space gun! Now that’s great Value! This is a great add-on for the show as a lot of the balloons in the Tickle fight burst during combat. This way, everyone gets to receive another balloon! Bargain!
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*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour and age of the children. The content of the show is also subject to change. Each performer varies their show and adds their own games & personal touch to a performance.