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Make throwing a Moana party easy with Super Party Heroes. Hire your own Moana Birthday Entertainer to knock your door and surprise your birthday girl!

Give your little princess what she wants as the sea is calling for one epic Moana birthday party! Hone your inner Hawaiian and stage a fun party scene from Super Party Heroes to complete the best Birthday Entertainment Package in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area.

Our one hour show breakdown is as below:

0-10 mins
Your entertainer, wearing an extremely popular Polynesian Princess Outfit like Moana, will make a major fuss of your birthday girl and a guarantee that she knows exactly how special she is. This Moana themed birthday party will boost every child’s energy with lots of Moana Inspired party training games to help Moana take Tefiti’s Heart. I’m sure the children will have fun as they play some of the games that your performer prepared such as Te Fiti Rush (Running Games) , Seek Maui (Sneaking Games) , Save the Island!! (Rescue Games) that are going to be played around the “pacific island” (your garden or local park).

Your lovely spirited fun filled host will get to bring an enormous parachute that looks like an open sail from Maui & Moana’s boat. Everyone will then open the parachute and place your child in the middle. Your daughter’s friends will spin her around gracefully singing happy birthday. The party games will also include an exciting themed games like musical statues and Islander limbo to train the children how to dance and sing like Moana.
Some of the parents and guests also are included or may join in a few of the exciting games. Your entertainer is skilled at being flexible with the needs of your children and the parents too.

20 – 25
At this point everyone is a little hot and will need a quick drink of “islander Juice” (supplied by the parents). This is a perfect time for the boys and girls to ask your performer many questions such as “How did you defeat the lava monster so fast?” “Did you and Maui get married?” “How will I learn to swim like you?”

25- 40 minutes After running around and a quick energy rest, your “one of a kind” Brisbane and Gold Coast birthday spirited Moana Entertainer will show her surprising skill – shaping and twisting birthday balloons into doggies, flowers, swords, caps and space guns.

40 – 50
Quiz Time!!!!! This is the moment of truth knowing if everyone is ready to be a Polynesian Princess Moana or Maui God. Everyone who is a “Moana Fan” wins a shape twisted balloon that is perfectly made right in front of the winner.

50 – 60
At last, everybody sings happy birthday to the greatest fan of Moana (your child), Every child gets a sticker and a magnet for accomplishing Moana training camp and everyone celebrates by singing happy birthday to your special girl.

You can even get your party host to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the birthday girl. Your party host will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even a pinwheel making workshop! Half an hour of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.


For only a little extra you will receive 30 mins of more entertainment as the Moana themed host whisks her magic to paint up to 20 little cheeks in just 30 minutes!! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will leave the party with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value!

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