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Organised Party Games With Your Professional Entertainer Dressed As a Car Racer

There’s nothing more fun than having Race Car Driver to host your child’s themed Birthday Party. Start the party right by booking our party packages and your guests will have a blast with your Racing Car Driver host.

0-10 minutes Meet and Greet

Your performer, dressed up in a Racing Car Driver Costume will make a long DRIFT over the special birthday boy and guarantee that she knows just how special they are. All mini racers will be greeted by their idol and are so excited to ask your booked racer car driver entertainer some questions such as “Are you always wearing seat belt in a race?”, “Did you make your own car?”, “Do you have a surprise for us? etc.

But first, A guessing game has to be played hosted by your silly entertainer trying to find out who the birthday child is.. The party entertainer gets this wrong in so many funny ways. Once your entertainer found who the special little racer is, Your entertainer has prepared the best birthday activities to put the children into a racing car driver training! YAY!

10-20 minutes Fun Themed Games
Your Racing Car performer has prepared training games for the children that are played around the racing car tracks (your backyard). Games such as “Race Breaks”, “No Pit-Stop Party-Jumps” , “Engine Ignition Survival games” and “Grand Tourismo Competitions” will be enjoyed. Your entertainer has an array of games so that he can pick the best ones for your birthday child, the environment , behaviour and the number of children.

20-35 Pit Stop To The Rescue
The children will get to the Pit Stop for a silly speed training! Half numbers of the little racers will be wrapped in a gigantic ream of paper and the other half will be running really fast in full speed like a real fast car to untangle their best friends and fix the racers cars.

An enormous rope will also be used to test the racers strength to carry big wheels when they are in a flat tire situation. The rope will be used for a fun Tug-O’-War to muscle up with their best friends! Sometimes we even have mums and dads to join in.

35-40 Another surprise awaits!
Your Fabulous Entertainer is from a a world of race tracks where he can make INCREDIBLE MAGIC!
With his super speed race car, the “mini racers” will witness a most treasured colouring book with full of images – makes the children scream and be amazed of the performer’s magic trick.

40-55 READY SET GO! Parachute Games
This is real delight for all the children attending the party. The boys and girls scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with smiles on their faces as they run really fast underneath the rainbow parachute and swizzle around your little birthday girl as they sing “Happy Birthday” – This really makes the birthday child feel so special.

The Birthday Party Racer Host brings all the mini racing car driver fans together and also the adults around to sing the birthday song and make sure your son for his wish. Everyone receives a reward from the entertainer/s and say/s thank you to everyone before heading back to the Race Track.

You can even get your Racer Host to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the birthday boy. Your entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a pinwheel making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.

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