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Children love having face painters paint their favourite design on their face. No kids birthday party is complete without this spectrum of fun.

When you get one of our Brisbane face painting artistes, you get a happy spritely young lady, dressed as a superhero or a fairy to fit in with most boys and girl party themes.

You can choose which costume you want them in. You can also choose how you want all your kids at the birthday party painted. Whether you need full face designs (usually 12 children per hour) or just a small cheek design (20 children per hour)

Look at parents feedback on our Face Painters!

Why Are Some Face Painters in Brisbane and the Gold Coast More Expensive Than You?

The Super Party Heroes is a company of 17 entertainers, all mainly performers on the weekdays and working on the weekends. We are known for our exciting shows, and reliability. We share the advertising costs between our usual 20-47 shows a weekend.

Some face painters are sole traders. They work for themselves and have to bare the cost of advertising on just one person. Advertising can be very expensive. They have to claim that expense back through their face painting fees.

Some Face painters have decades of experience. Their work is more like a work of art than kids face painting. It is brilliant. They spend years learning at private lessons and conventions. This all costs lots of money and, again they have to claim that back. They are truly fabulous for adult parties.

Through our experience, we have found that:

  1. Parents prefer having a face painter at an affordable price.
  2. Children just LOVE the traditional deigns – butterflies – snakes – dragons… Younger children find it also hard staying still for a long time for intricate artwork designs (only to run around and lick it off half an hour later hehehe)

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