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Exciting Toy Story birthday entertainment for your lovely son or daughter in Brisbane and the Gold coast.

There’s nothing more fun than having a Buzz Light Year or Jessie party entertainers to host your themed Birthday Part, Book our party packages and your guests will have the best Toy Story Experience.

10-20 Jessie the Cow Girl or Buzz Light Year Introduction and Party Games
Your Toy Story performer/s have prepared training games for the children that are played around the garden of survival (your backyard) to help them Save their best friend Andy. Your Jessie or Buzz performer will play games with your special boy or girl and his or her friends such as “Battery Lost and Found”, “Cowboy or Cowgirl Party-Jumps” , “Villain Survival games” and “Follow the infinity and beyond Leaders”. Most entertainers have an array of games so that they can pick the best ones for your birthday child, the environment , behaviour and the number of children.

20-35 Toy Story Balloon Making
Your Entertainers wearing a Cow Girl or a Buzz costume will surprise the children with his/her Balloon skills. He/She will bend and twist girls and boys birthday balloons into doggies, flowers, swords, caps and sea storm guns.

35-40 Another surprise awaits!
Your Fabulous Entertainer is from a Toy Kingdom where he/she can make INCREDIBLE MAGICS!
With a magical flair, the “mini Alice in Wonderland fans” will witness a most treasured colouring book with full of images – makes the children scream and be amazed of the performer’s magic trick.

40-55 Toy Kingdom Parachute Games
This is real delight for all the children attending the party. The boys and girls scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with smiles on their faces as they run underneath the rainbow coloured parachute and swizzle around your little birthday girl as they sing “Happy Birthday” – This really makes the birthday child feel so special.

55-60 Infinity and Beyond Farewell Stage
The Birthday Party Buzz / Jessie Entertainer brings all the mini fans together and also the adults around to sing the birthday song and make sure your little son/daughter remembers his or her infinity wish…Everyone receives a gift from the entertainer/s and say/s thank you to everyone before heading back to the wonderland kingdom!

You can even get your Jessie/ Buzz entertainer to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the birthday girl. Your entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a pinwheel making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.

For only a little extra you will receive 30 mins MORE of entertainment as Jessie / Buzz Performer whisks her magic to paint up to 20 little cheeks in just 30 minutes !! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will leave the party with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value! OR create extra balloon creations for all the children!

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