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Get Brisbane’s Best Kids Fireman Birthday Party Entertainers to Organise Your Boys and Girls Birthday Party.

Perfect for kids fireman birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Your fireman has been rushed to your house to be the main attention getter at your kids birthday. With one quick rush in shouting “where is the fire” your children are so excited to see his cool uniform and yellow helmet. The firemans costume is such an eye-catcher for the party that everyone will see him coming.
It takes a lot of training to fight fires. Your party entertainer takes all of the children attending your themed party and trains them up to be fit for action. By the time the hour is over, these children will be ready to help save kittens up trees, jump from burning buildings and recue trapped souls.
Equipped with a fire fighting bag of utilities, your firefighter takes them through a series of rescue techniques.


Fighting fires in a fireman’s costume takes a bit sweat. It gets very hot. The boys and girls pause for a quick drink of the good ol’ H2o and ask a variety of questions such as “ how hot will it be in a blazing furnace?”, “How high is the highest tree you have climbed?” and “Where do you get your shiny helmet?” Your party entertainer brings fireman birthday shows to life by making the birthday boy feel very special knowing that he is the firefighters best buddy.

25-40mins: MAGIC & FIRE-CHUTE
Sometimes, firemen find it hard to get out of an impossible situation. Your fireman will tell the boys and girls a secret. He is no ordinary fireman. He has some magic powers. The children beg him to show them his tricks. The children say some magic words and POW!! The magic is done. They are sworn to secrecy and told to let no other fire brigade know of his secret talents.
After the secret firefighters meeting the children are shown how to take the giant parachute that can save the lives of people trapped on the 31st floor of a hotel. 3…2..1 JUMP – the civilians have to jump down onto the colourful chute. Your mini firefighters will have to hold on tight ready for the extreme pull that will come with such a force.
To celebrate they get the birthday child to sit in the middle and sing happy birthday as loud as they can as they spin him around on the colourful parachute. This game is great for photos!

Naturally, firemen don’t usually get armed with weapons. However, This small bunch of the brigade have been told that evil villains are around that are setting fires on purpose. We have to protect the towns-folk. The children are taught how to protect the town from wrongdoing by learning how to use a tickle sword and tickle those arsonists if they attempt to make fires.

At your fireman themed birthday party stickers and magnets are given to all the children by your firefighter. The boys and girls then take time to have photos taken with your child’s special guest before they whisk off into the Brisbane and Gold Coast sunset to continue the fight against crime.
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