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Get More than a guy in a suit – hire quality kids party entertainers for your Spiderman themed kids party
Brisbane’s Top Boys Party Entertainers can Host Your child’s Spiderman Themed Birthday Party.

A real treat for Spidey loving kids in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

0-20mins: Spidey-Tasks
The boys and girls at the birthday party shout for their favourite entertainer. Your host dashes to find 20 wide eyed and open mouthed children gasping at their new friend. For these kids to be just like Spiderman they go through a series of Spidey sporty activities to get their blood pumping and adrenaline racing. Jumping buildings, whisking through skyscrapers and saving your valued friends is all part of the tasks of becoming their hero.
20-25mins: Q&A
The hard exercises make for thirsty work. Everyone sits next to your professional entertainer to find out how spiderman gets all that web to come out, how he walks on stones with no shoes. The boys and girls at the spiderman themed kids birthday ask the strangest questions leaving parents watching in laughter.
25-40mins: Spidey Powers and Parachute
Superheroes need to know how to hone their powers. The children help find their own inner power by helping your skilled host to perform magic. Cries of “mummy I made it colourful” are shouted just before the activity ends and abruptly changes into a vibrant colourful parachute. “This is how Spiderman learns how to fall from buildings.” The birthday boy gets taken on a very cool journey on the parachute with all of his friends spinning him around, singing happy birthday as they go.
40-50mins: Spidey-Says- “DEFEAT THE VILLAINS”
Each child is handed a silly wobbly balloon sword to protect their friends from evil villains. On the word for your entertainer, the children charge and tickle eachother in fits of giggles.
Birthday party stickers and magnets are given to all the boys and girls. The Spiderman themed party is then finished up with pictures with all the children, not forgetting the special guest.