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Colourful and Crazy Kids Circus Birthday Parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

If you are looking for an exciting and action filled party with a real difference, book us to bring the colour and fun of the circus to you!

This party is specifically aimed towards those energetic kids aged 5-7 years old.
If your child loves the color and excitement of the circus, is a little hula hooper or stilt-walker in the making, or just loves being a clown, our circus party is for them!

With a combination of high-energy games and circus-based skills and competitions, this party will keep all your guests involved, excited and entertained throughout! We have years of experience in running the best themed birthday parties – your circus costumed performer will bring all the circus gear, and have themed music pumping through the whole show to keep every boy and girl in the party mood.

Jazzy Juggling:

Our colourful scarf juggling looks fantastic, is so much fun, and gets all the kids excited about being involved in the circus! See who is the best thrower, catcher, and who can keep two or three in the air! Plus all your guests will be in stitches over the crazy juggling your party host will try!

Tricky Tightrope Balance:

The party guests get to make their own balance beam to practice their balancing on – with super balance challenges for the older guests.
Hula Hoop Madness:
See who can spin the hula hoop (on their arm or on the ground!); roll it to a friend; and jump through the hula hoop whilst attached to their best friend.

Super Stilt-walking:

Safe but challenging, see who can make it all the way to their friend on our special ‘stilts’.

Plate Spinning:

A super challenge that kids just love – we will show them the trick to spinning plates, and then get them ‘stealing’ them from each other (passing the spinning plates!).

Giant Parachute Craziness:

Our huge colourful parachute is a favourite with all the kids! Run under it, play ‘parachute bump’, and see who can get the elephants jumping on top of it! Plus a special parachute circus ride for the birthday child.

Traditional Party Games & Balloon Twisting:

You even have the option to upgrade your show to include an additional 30 minutes of traditional party games as well, all with a circus flavour! Our circus musical statue game is especially popular – plus your host will amaze your guests with a special circus magic trick, and no circus is complete without a balloon creation to take home for each child!

Face Painting:

Not enough? Book our two-hour show and get your performer to do some super cool face-painting for every guest while they watch on during the party food time.

We Take Care Of Everything:

Your circus party host will bring all the games equipment PLUS their own PA so there’s no problem with hearing everything – and they will play the best circus themed party music too!

Give your active child the most memorable and colourful party possible.
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*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour of children.