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Brisbane’s only fairy magicians have boys and girls in stitches at girls fairy themed birthday parties. Book them before they are booked out! Contact Us … It is that Easy!

Our fairy party magic shows are a mixture of fun, cheekiness and downright silly to make sure that any child, has a great time.

Most fairy themed party entertainers are all very whimsical and soft and…well, slightly boring. This makes boys, and older aged girls play up tremendously at girls birthday parties. Our Fairy Magicians play the part of the cheeky magician that just does not know how to behave!

Children love seeing slapstick, an entertainer getting bashed in the face by the birthday child and trying to hold it together is, strangely, exactly what keeps those 4-7 year olds glued in their seats for the whole show!

The show is developed around getting as many laughs from the girls and boys as possible.

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Our Fairy Magician’s: “Ari- Cad-Abra” and “Franki The Fabulous” 

We have two lovely fairy magicians “Ari-Cadabra” and “Franki The Fabulous” that dress up and fit perfectly into your fairy themed party setting. The shows have a variety of hilarious kids jokes and slapstick comedy which brings your fairy themed birthday party to life.

*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour and age of the children. The content of the show is also subject to change and is based on “fun” rather than “theme”. SuperSteph endeavours to change the content of the show every eight to twelve weeks to keep the amazement of any children attending, that may have seen her before, “fresh”.

Please Note: We do now not use live animals in any shows

We are here for any questions so Call us! 07 3555 8019

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