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Please note – We are running a covid safe Pamper Party – Here is the breakdown of that party! 

SuperSteph Recommends This Fabulous Show! 

Introducing our DIVA PAMPER PARTIES where Tween Girls can be Sassy Girls on a day and just have a GREAT TIME!!

Our Diva Birthday Party Packages (also known as our Pamper Parties) will give all girls a really fun and exciting experience where they get to enjoy all the perks of being girls, feeling fabulous and feeling great about themselves! This show has everything! Where other pamper party companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast focus on painting nails and doing a eyeshadow (which any parent can do) We focus on making your pamper party FUN! We focus on entertainment of up to 12 girls for 1-2 hours – Making them laugh and do silly things that a parent would probably find exhausting and even nerve racking  to host.

The Old Way Of Doing Girls Mobile Pamper Parties Is Over – Now Time For Fun! Time For Diva Pamper Parties 2.0!

There is no fun in waiting in line for the beautician to paint your nails when you are a kid – Believe us – we USED to do the show that way! 

What Is Included In Our Diva “Mobile Girls Pamper Parties” In Brisbane & The Gold Coast?

Now there is a NEW way to do pamper parties – a FUN way! We focus on, not the girls sitting waiting for paint to dry (Literally) – but to have special moments of fun with their best friends. To create magical moments that will last those girls a lifetime. Fun, pampering games where girls compete against each other to be the best at painting their faces with a luxurious clay facial, Prizes when they shout “DIVA BINGO” as they race to complete their bingo card – full of Diva Iconic Pictures. They pull crazy faces at the camera after they make a  love heart with a pink balloon and giggle at each other whilst playing limbo! We make sure that you capture those moments that you see on the video above. 

Whether your child loves pampering or just wants sparkly pink stuff! This birthday package is a treat where the birthday child can be themselves, boost their confidence, and give the birthday girl and her best of friends the encouragement to let their sparkles SHINE and reach for the STARS!

Tweens should always be carefree and FUN, not really taken too seriously, and are over the top in trying new things to see what sets off the spark inside them! When your girl feels GREAT, they achieve amazing things which is why friendship, positivity, excitement, and fun are the cores of everything we do! The best part of our job as entertainers are seeing how excited, confident and on top of the world, the girls are on the day!

We pack our Diva parties with engaging, sparkling, interactive, and fun entertainment that keeps the tweens completely occupied from start to finish and makes the birthday girl feel like the superstar of the party! 

Our Diva Party Packages are always Best to get the guests to arrive 30 minutes before the Diva party starts – That way, they are all ready for the start of the pampering.

As the girls arrive and exchange gifts, the girls are led into your living room that has now become the pamper room! It has a vibrant colour of Pink and fluffy! Fluffy boas & Pink fluffy throws

What Happens In A Diva Pamper Birthday Party Show?

This Is The Breakdown Of A 2 Hour Platinum Diva Pamper Party:

Diva Robes, Boas, and Fun Quirky Glasses

Each girl begins with a game – The race is on to see who can pop on their pink satin robe and headband in record speed. They stand in a circle and it is game on to who can get dressed in the robes the quickest. The girls LOVE competing for prizes!

Fizzy Pink Drink Toast in Champagne Flutes:
Next is time to pour a glass of pink lemonade in child-safe champagne flutes and make a toast to the birthday girl. Each child says something super sweet about the special girl and sips on the drink while they see what is in store for the party.

Create Your Diva Name:
In order to get in the mood, we all need Diva names! Your daughter and her friends can’t have normal names at a Diva party! – Time to work out their Diva name – No one is allowed to tell their name until they have the mic to shout it to the world!

Quench Those Thirsty Hands:
The next step is making sure that your skin and nails are ready for going out onto the catwalk. Everyone grabs a nail file and shapes their nails to symmetrical, smooth, and silky shapes – Dusted off with a moisturiser to get into those cuticles.

Diva Dance Off:
Every diva needs to know how to glide across the dance floor and own it. This fun game combines the girls creativity and zany-ness. Crazy moves and grooves are laughed off with their friends trying to copy them. Prize for the best copier.

Luxurious French Facial Workshop
The next game is who can paint their face the best in a luxurious French Facial Clay Challenge. Everyone grabs a mirror, a bowl, and a brush and works the clay in with the water until they combine into a creamy consistency. It is cool, refreshing, and milky as the children apply their hydrating mask onto their faces with small brush strokes. The most covered wins a prize. Those children that are a bit unsure about painting their faces can paint their forearm or a friend’s face instead! Everyone lines up for a Funny-Facial painted pic and all tongues are out to make them truly look funny!

Diva Bingo Competition:
Whilst everyone is relaxing and their clay facial is drying and detoxifying those pores, the children play a super fun game of Diva Bingo. Mark those pamper images with a gem. Shout “Diva Bingo” to win & get a prize.

Warm Towel Cleanse:
Each child gets a warm, fluffy, pink facial towel to remove their french clay mask. We all get cleaned up as a group as there is always someone that needs help because “They missed a bit”.

Hydrate That Face:
Time to quench that thirsty face! The mini divas learn how to correctly apply moisturizer. Using small, circling motions and using ring fingers to dab underneath the eyes.

Face Candy and Catwalk Workshop:
This show is about fun fun fun! – We need to look fun – Face Candy is applied onto everyone’s face which makes their eyes POP – Face candy is a combination of iridescent sparkles and glitter that highlight their eyes and cheekbones in true Diva style.
Posing Workshop:
In order to be ready to strut our stuff, we need to learn what to do with our hands and our faces and work out our Diva walks and turns. The birthday girl and her diva friends point, swish, and smile their hearts out as the practise for the catwalk.

Balloon Love Heart Workshop:
During a fun game, everyone gets a shiny pink modeling balloon. The aim of the game is to make a gorgeous balloon love heart that you get to take home as a momento of the party not forgetting a quick snap of the Divas together making pouty faces framed through their love hearts.

Catwalk Strut:
With all this Diva training – we now put it to the test! Parents at the ready as the paparazzi to take photos of this gorgeous group. Feather boas at the ready, lips pouty over giant pink fans, big eyes behind love heart shades, and strutting their stuff to the latest modern music.

Boa Limbo:
People expect so much of you when you are a diva. It is important to keep up the fitness regime. Forget yoga and pilates – time to get flexible with Boa Limbo! How low can you go?

Hold That Note:
Don’t forget to practice your singing – Divas get very good at holding a note – but how long can you hold it for? We all find out with a microphone and a stopwatch!

Statue Poses:
After all the posing and dancing – our mini divas have to put them both together – Dance like crazy to Australia’s top 10 and FREEZE in a perfect diva pose. The winner with the Ost stickers on their FACE gets a prize.

Diva Tattoos:
Divas are like rock stars. They stand out and are not afraid of anything – even having a tattoo! Luckily, these tattoos come off in the bath and are pain-free! Each mini diva chooses a tattoo and pops it on their arm to show off to their friends how cool they are! Then there is a group photo of everyone showing off their Girl-Power Tats! 

Fun Craft Station:
It is hard work being a diva all the time – Time to crash out and relax with a bit of craft. What better craft idea than to decorate a love heart picture frame that you can take home and pop a photo in of your favourite friends.

But what of the nail painting and make up? Surely you need that for a pamper party?

Sure! You can certainly organise that! But why pay top dollar for a professional entertainer to spend 30 minutes painting nails instead of entertaining the girls – while the rest of the girls wonder around waiting? If that is important to your daughter to have that included we recommend two things:

  1. That you hire a separate performer from us that can paint the nails and apply blush, tinted lip balm and glittery eyeshadow (this is at the rate of a usual face painter at 1,5 hours. If they finish early, they help with the entertainment)
  2. You ask a parent, friend or an older teenage child to do it. Painting nails and applying some blusher and eyeshadow is so easy that anyone that has worn makeup on a regular basis can do it – This is the cheaper option. We want you to get your money’s worth with a fun, professional pamper party show – not waste the entertainment time on painting nails whilst everyone else gets bored waiting for their turn. 

Maybe I could just do nails, some games and make-up myself and not need a pamper host?

You could, although we can guarantee that you will be missing out on the true essence of what the show is made for. Making your daughter have a fun, exciting time creating strong happy memories on her special day. Our 5 star reviews across all social media platforms are there to show you that we bring something exciting to a birthday party – (as well as all the pink equipment, robes and boas that would cost a small fortune to buy for a birthday Party) As we are professional entertainers, we guarantee that we can bring giggles and laughter to your pamper party – more than make up and nail polish – We create the fun!

What About Boys? Can boys attending be involved in the birthday party, even if it is a pamper show?

Of Course! Boys are more than welcome to attend! Please keep in mind, however, that the show does not change because of the attendance of boys. Boys still love to get their face mucky with clay and play games where they win prizes! The only thing that changes is that we supply black nail polish and blue hair gel if you book us for applying make-up and nails. 

We are available for any questions that you have. Phone us!
07 3555 8019
Contact SuperSteph


We are available for any questions that you have. Phone us!
07 3555 8019
Contact SuperSteph