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Toddler Parties Made Easy! Book a Magical Puppet Show To Entertain Your Young Children.
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This show is specifically made for a 3 year old Birthday party. It is action packed, full of excitement, and most importantly,very visual and interactive.

These puppets are giant and cute and look incredibly life-like. The children cannot believe that these animals actually speak to the children.

SuperSteph fully engages children, as young as 2.5, for a whole 45 minutes. The magical puppet show can turn up at any accessible venue in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It is the perfect show for little ones that are not ready to participate in rule-related party entertainment, such as musical statues or pass the parcel. In this show, the children can just relax and smile in awe at these amazing puppets and interact with their cute fluffiness!

This show is different to the older age show for 4+ year olds. Very young children do not understand the pantomime style banter between audience and Magician which comes naturally to 4 year olds. This magical puppet show is based on the puppets playing the cheeky parts. The children sit, amazed, watching these incredible creatures come to life!

If you are having a 3 year old Birthday party SuperSteph recommends hey 50 minute silver Magical Puppet show over the 2 hour Magical Party – Unless most of the children are aged 4+ years.

See parents feedback on our silly shows!

Why Does SuperSteph Buy the BEST puppets for toddler puppet shows?

The puppets that are in the show are made by a specific children’s puppeteer in the USA. They are designed not to scare children and to be vibrant in colour and as cute and fluffy as they can be.

SuperSteph wants your child’s first memorable birthday to be a fun experience. We also want to show you the quality of our shows and so, do not skimp on buying expensive puppets and props.

When you book this Magical Puppet Show you will get a taste of real kids party entertainment and have SuperSteph and her team back for years to come!

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*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour of children.