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Hire a Brisbane’s Dinosaur Explorer Magician Today! This dino magic show, is action packed and brimming with fun. It is a real treat for your boys and girls dinosaur themed birthday party.

Meet Scruff The Baby Dinosaur

Scruff is a super cute dinosaur that is a little bit cheeky. When he comes out all the children gasp at how he can actually speak to them. He tells them of what it is like to be a dinosaur in a modern world. Scruff the Dinosaur tries to mess up the tricks that the magician performs. He even eats the magic wand!

As well as Scruff being a highlight of your boy or girls themed dinosaur birthday, your child will come up on stage, in front of all their friends, and learn how to colour in a picture of Scruff by magic. Wands are Thrown around and made into multiple coloured wands that your child uses to finish the magic.

There is also a dinosaur that disappears and then reappears but becomes extinct!

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If You want more…

Our magician can even stay for the rest of the party and make balloon animals for the children and play fun dinosaur themed party games. Make it easy on yourself and leave the dino party up to your Dino-Exploring Kids Party Entertainer.

*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour and age of the children. The content of the show is also subject to change and is based on “fun” rather than “theme”. Our magicians endeavour to change the content of the show every two months to keep the amazement of any children attending, that may have seen them before, “fresh”.

Please Note: We now do not use live animals in any shows.

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