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Super Party Heroes

Brisbane’s young, vibrant team of trained performers have one passion, To give your childrens’ birthday party the success that you are hopeful for! Contact Us … It is that Easy!

SuperSteph’s “Super Party heroes” are Brisbane’s most sought after kids party entertainers. They go through weeks of training before they are allowed to perform for your event.

These performers are not just people donning on costumes OHHHH nooooo! They are dedicated at getting to your party on time. They have a 5 star rating from mum’s and dad’s in Brisbane and the Gold Coast- You can see this on Facebook

These performers don’t do the shows for the money…They do it for the love of seeing children’s faces light up. Because of this fact, the children can feel their genuine like for kids and the birthday party ROCKS! They comply with all the professional standards, such as having a working with children clearance card (called a blue card) and $20,000,000 of public liability.

How can we join your team of professional kids performers?

SuperSteph is always looking out for new, highly qualified performers, to join the gang. You don’t have to have back ground experience in kids shows but you must be a good learner and highly dedicated. SuperSteph’s Performers turn up to work even if they have colds and headaches!
If you think you have what it aces to make dreams come true Contact SuperSteph

We are here for any questions about your performers above also so Call us! 0411 114 709