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Super Party Heroes

Four fantastic magic themes to choose from. Choose a superhero magician, fairy magician, pirate magician or a magician for older children.

Have a cool magic show with SuperSteph dressed in your particular theme for your childrens’ birthday party. SuperSteph travels all over brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

These photos are from children’s birthday parties. Just click on the image of the theme you are having to see how the SuperSteph Magic show will integrate fully into your themed birthday party.

The shows themselves are always changing. The tricks change so that the children that see SuperSteph so many times don’t get bored when they see her again. Super Steph always comes dressed as these characters. There are also special characters that SuperSteph dresses in for a dinosaur themed party or a space party or a Pets shop party. However, these specialised themed costumes are mainly only worn during the week. Contact Us for More information