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Warning – This will blow your mind. Only children that are used to excitement, quality and fun should do this!
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Highly interactive and mentally rewarding. Children aged 7+ learn how to become balloon twisters in just under and hour. The kids also go home with their very own balloon hat, crafted by their imagination and their own two hands.

A Brisbane or Gold Coast professional balloon twister comes to any indoor event where you are planning such an elaborate birthday party. The entertainer waddles in the room followed by over two hundred pre-blown modelling balloons of all shapes and sizes. Some thin, some with eyes printed on them, others in the shape of flowers and love hearts. The kids at this memorable birthday party learn the moves and twists they need to know to add balloon to balloon. The tension of all those balloons to dive into mounts up. 3,2,1 GO…. and the children DIVE into the mountain of colourful latex. Faces are smiling, concentrating, laughing, tongues sticking out sides of mouths thoughts are processing. Everyone dances with their new birthday party hat that THEY made. All the parents cram the huge balloon twisting creations into the car and speed them off home to take more photos to post on their family Facebook Page. “Look what Lachlan made at his friends Party” …. This balloon hat workshop gives smiles even after your party has ended.

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