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Have A Fun Zoom Online Virtual Kids Birthday Party With Your Friends Without Fear Of Coronavirus!

Should you celebrate Birthday Parties facing the worldwide pandemic? of Course you should! In fact, your child’s birthday party should be celebrated even MORE with the world suddenly flipping up-side-down!

Here is how to do it. Zoom Virtual Birthday Parties for kids are the easiest was to have an entertainer in your home without breaking any coronavirus restriction laws. These online kids parties are super easy to organise and have durations of 15-45 minutes. You can even invite your favourite superhero or princess into your home virtually, using zoom, and they will sing you happy birthday. In a years time, no one will have a zoom virtual birthday party entertainer so don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity for something new and unique. The best bit is…The online birthday show is recorded for you to remember such a fun and unusual time in your child’s life. 

With this type of packages, you can get a personalized video message OR a one-on-one live chat from one of our trained Superhero / Princess Actors / Actresses! This is a GREAT way to celebrate any event! You can have a magician perform amazing magic shows and play games and competitions through the computer/ iPad or phone. 

YES! This is 100% SAFE where your child’s favourite character gets to chat one on one with the birthday child! Woohoo!

Super Party Heroes are pleased to provide fun and entertaining characters for online kids zoom parties your child! We work hard to develop different sorts of virtual birthday party packages and train talented entertainers in the most convenient and cost-effective way. 

News of the coronavirus COVID-19 is everywhere, from the front page of all your local newspapers to the talk in the playground at school, social media, EVERYWHERE! – Let’s escape all of that for your child’s special day and get them remembering this time with fond memories – where they had their favourite superhero be streamed from their secret superhero headquarters or Princess Castle, directly into there home, where they will meet your child’s friends via zoom. 

We understand that you may have planned everything for your child’s Birthday Party for Months and then you had to cancel everything because of the coronavirus! No need to pause the fun.  Just Change it to a kids online virtual birthday party using zoom. 

BUT ALSO – what about making GREAT MEMORIES for your birthday child? I’m sure any child do not want to miss anything special on their birthday. No worries! We got you covered!

So leave the stress of planning and execution to us so you can focus and enjoy your precious time with those who matter most. Contact us NOW!