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For a limited time only – Free Girls Pamper Party

Want your daughter to have the best kids pamper party in Brisbane? Want it for FREE? See below for conditions.

This party is the full, two hour fun-filled party worth $340 and can be found on our pamper party page HERE


Simple – The Super Party Heroes wants a show to film and you provide the children, decorations, food and the home.

The show will be filmed by a professional videographer and will be used as a showreel for the Super Party Heroes.

This show costs $340 but for you it is FREE!

Wow! That is GREAT…How do I get it?
To make the best possible show to film SuperSteph needs these things.

  • Your child must be a Girl aged 10-11

Why? Because we are promoting girls parties at this moment.

  • Your daughter must be happy natured and confident to have their photo taken in front of their friends.

Why? We want the child enjoying herself. Not looking grumpy or shy or sad. He has to shine as the star of the party.

  • The show is to be held 15 minutes from Moorooka.

Why? Because I need to make sure that we are not driving miles away for this show.

  • Her friends are her classmates ages 6 to 8 and a mix of around 80% girls and 20% boys (no older or younger siblings attending)

Why? This show is targeting 10-11 year olds.

  • There must be exactly 16 invitations sent explaining that this show is being filmed for promotional reasons and so the children attending will need to sign a release form to attend (please click here for an example)

Why? We also need a good number of children to create a party atmosphere but no so many that it becomes too busy.

  • Between 13-16 children need to RSVP to go ahead.

Why? Because we need a good number of childen to create the perfect party atmosphere!

  • The party is held after school or during school holidays between Monday – Wednesday (most likely 3.30-5.30pm)

Why? SuperSteph is booked solid from Friday- Sunday and so is the videographer.

  • The party needs to be held in well maintained home
  • Party food and decorations must be discussed and provided by parent.

Why? This party food and decorations may end up in shot. We want it to reflect well with the show.

  • Parents are welcome to attend but are to understand that this is a filmed event and so will need to be polite, watch the show and join in laughing at the jokes for adults and no talking loudly at the back of the room as we will be trying to film 😉

Why? Noise can be very distracting for your entertainer and the children and the people watching the video.

  • As SuperSteph is providing the videographer a retainer of $340 will be held in Escrow and will be released back to the parent straight after the show.

Why? SuperSteph guarantees that she will show up for your party! She is providing a videographer who will travel down. SuperSteph also wants to ensure that the party goes ahead with all the bullet points above in place.

We are available for any questions that you have. Phone us!
0411 114 709
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