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Looking for a balloon maker for hire in Brisbane & in the Central Gold Coast?

Hire a the most experienced and bubbly balloon artist for your Birthday Party from Super Party Heroes! Our AMAZING balloon twisters will make any party or event in Brisbane and in the Gold Coast as fun and enjoyable as you could imagine. YIPPEEE!!

Whether you’re looking for a balloon maker for your child’s birthday party, or a balloon entertainer to hire for your Upcoming event, we’ve got you covered! Balloons are just the perfect way to inject some color and fun to your party, it’s absolutely guaranteed to make all the children smile.

Our team of Balloon Twisters are great for birthday parties, schools, corporate events, play centres, shopping centers, restaurants and so more! The entertainment package is available all over Brisbane and in the Central Gold Coast areas.

Our Team at Super Party Heroes provide great value, so contact us to explore our combo packages for face painting and balloons for children’s parties and corporate events.

Balloons burst in the sun,heat, grass,rough ground and sticky fingers – You are booking your balloon twisting entertainer for an allotted time. If the balloons burst and you are in need for your balloon twisting entertainer to stay on after the allotted time and make more balloons (providing that the entertainer doesn’t have another gig to dash off to) there’s a little charge fee for extra hours.

Your balloon twisting entertainer may refuse to give a child under the age of 3 years old a balloon. However, The parent of that child may have a balloon and is then responsible for any outcome which may occur with that balloon. We use the best balloons you can buy for your kids birthday party in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. These are Qualatex twisting balloons. Recommended for children 3+


This is a rough estimate on how many balloons a balloonist can make in 1 hour:

  • Depending on the heat (the hotter the day the more the balloons pop.
  • Depending on how many balloons pop by children (children dropping them on the ground/ biting them/ bashing them a bit too hard ) 😀

Please note: Each balloon twister has their own unique designs.

If you’re only after for Simple Balloon designs, your hired Balloons Can Accommodate a least 50 children for simple balloons designs.

THESE DESIGNS consist of dogs, swords, hats, flowers, space lasers, love hearts – those sorts of things. These are great if you are having a school fete or so many children that you just don’t know what to do with and just want something simple to keep them occupied! – Also, Gold Coast and Brisbane Balloon Twisting Entertainer has so much more potential! If you want the balloons that make boys and girls and mums and dads GASP – then you want the balloon twisting creations!- Please note – Each performer has their own repertoire of balloon designs
balloon twisting creations!