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Bubbling with excitement and dying to be preened, pampered and painted, up to 15 of your daughters luckiest girl friends join her for a pampered girls birthday party that bonds them as best friends forever!

Full of face painting, nail polish, glitters, shimmers, yummy smelling creams and essential oils there is only room for one thing – innocent indulgence. The complete show is laid out with do-it-yourself workshops, karaoke, girly magazines and relaxation spas.

Our pamper parties are all about friendship bonding. Instead of treating each girl as a person on their own that has their nails painted one at a time. We treat these girls as fun best friends that want to share experiences and laughs together.

The Platinum party has everything! This is the breakdown of the Platinum show.

As the girls arrive and exchange gifts the girls are led into a room that has a vibrant colour of Pink and fluffy! Fluffy boas, pink foot baths, Pink Towels, Pink fluffy rugs… This is the pamper room!

Each girl begins with learning how to massage their friends hands. The beauty therapist teaches them all the strokes and circles to make that essential moisturiser soak in. Next it is on to the first game. Each girl gets a hair wrap and a pink satin robe to wear. They stand in a circle and it is game on to who can get dressed in the robes the quickest. The girls LOVE competing for prizes!

The next game is who can paint their friend the quickest in a luxurious French Facial Challenge. Armed with a brush, organic French facial mask and one of their best friends in front of them, the girls massage the face of their friend until their faces are completely covered. Everyone lines up for a Funny-Facial painted pic and all tongues are out to make them truly look funny!

As that face mask soaks in, pink fizzy lemonade is poured for each girl in champagne flutes. The girls find out what the rest of the party has in store. The beauty therapist shows them each station. The karaoke station, where there is a price for the best singer and dancer – dressed up in the craziest wigs and glasses. The craft station, where the best craft design of the round wins a prize. The foot spa station, complete with drawing boards to give points out of 10 to the karaoke station and finally, the station with the beauty therapist. This is where the girls relax with magazines, have their nails glitzed, hair glittered and face glamoured with eye shadow, blush and glittery lip gloss.

After Each group has been to each station, the girls gather together, drape on fluffy feather boas and love-heart glasses, giant pink fans and strut their stuff down the “catwalk” to the latest modern music. A parent armed with a camera gives the girls that ultimate paparazzi experience. They all gather together to have a big group photo that they will never forget.

Everyone loves party games, The girls compete again to win even more prizes and stickers before going off, looking all lovely, to watch the birthday girl blow out her candles!

What About Boys? Can boys attending be involved in the birthday party, even if it is a pamper show?

We make sure boys are completely involved in the workshops with stylish blue hair gel, boys tattoos and dark coloured rockstar boy nail paint. They also have boys face painting designs to make sure that they feel thoroughly included in every activity.

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