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This is just Perfect for kids Minion birthday themed parties with Organized Party Games in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


0-10 mins: Meet and Greet
The goggled, yellow henchmen a.k.a. Minions have not only stolen the movie itself, but also the hearts of millions! Let’s celebrate them in true-blue and yellow fashion with your very own hired Minion Entertainer from Super Party Heroes in the Brisbane or in the Gold Coast area!

Start the party off right by inviting a Despicable Me Minion Entertainer! Once the Minion Entertainer received the invitation – One of our Minion Performers will then escape from his other Minion Friends to run through the city of evil with his/her bag filled with fun tools to share and meet his “minion fans” for the best birthday party ever. After a fabulous entrance from the Minion entertainer – the children gets so excited screaming and giggling that they can’t believe that one of the minions are in their backyard! You minion entertainer will shares his missions with his banana friends from his uncountable adventures and is the perfect time for the children to ask their idol some questions like “Can you say other words apart from saying BANANA?” “Why do you always say Banana?” “Have you ever been married?”.

10-20 mins: Banana Training
Even though the minions exist to serve the evils of the world, they are no strangers to a good time. All little minions who have attended to your child’s birthday bash will take over the world! Your Despicable Me themed entertainer, dressed in a Minions costume, will gather all the children in one place to let them know why the yellow goggled Minion is there for the birthday boy/girl and his/her friends.

The children get so excited knowing that they will be put through for the best fun Minion training! The minion performer will teach all little Minion Fans survival skills such as how to speed up in inventing stuff, chase after goons and how to dodge and weave quickly so that they can flee from the baddest villains.

20-35: Rescue Me!
Minions always find it hard to get out of an impossible mission to defeat evil. Your booked Minion Entertainer will teach the children how to be rescued if captured by a villain – Your hired minion will wrapped half of the children in an enormous ream of paper while their other friends have to save them! Rescuers are instructed their sneaking skills to rescue their best of friends!

A giant rope comes out to play tug-of-war in order to test the little minions (guests) strength in case they need to rescue a civilian captured by the villains.

After the secret rescue mission, the children are shown how to take the giant parachute that can be used when they are off on a mission saving civilians. Your mini minions will have to hold on tight ready to celebrate your child’s special day. The birthday child to sit in the middle and the children all sing happy birthday as loud as they can as they spin them around on the colourful parachute. This game is great for photos!

Minions are a cheeky bunch and love to help out leaders fight against other evil leaders.  The children are taught how to protect Brisbane by learning how to use a tickle sword and tickle those bad guys (daddies) if they attempt to do bad things

At your Minion Themed Birthday Party stickers and magnets are given to all the children by your Minion Entertainer as a completion for their training. The boys and girls then take time to have photos taken with your child’s special guest before they whisk off into the Brisbane and Gold Coast sunset to continue the fight against villains.

You can even get your Minion party entertainer to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the guests. Your party entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a wand making workshop! An extra half an hour of fun and games.

You can also hire your Brisbane and Gold Coast Birthday Party Entertainer to stay around as the children eat to make balloons for everyone. This is highly popular if you are having a party on grass as the balloon swords will, inevitably, pop. Children love to get a spare balloon from the performer as they eat which stops any tears.

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