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Super Party Heroes

Ditch the whimsical fairies that read stories – Get an action Packed show with a magician that even dresses as a fairy for you!

Check out our gallery of children having a magical fairy magician entertain them. SuperSteph is your Guaranteed entertainment if you want “funny!”

This show IS for both boys and girls and even adults. The show is on two levels of comedy which makes it a perfect family magic show. SuperSteph keeps the show fun for everyone by putting funny first. Although SuperSteph dresses as a fairy for the show – which looks great for the photos – her show is always changing and is about completely random funny magic. This makes the boys pay attention and the girls love the fact that she is a fairy magician. We just LOVE the photos of the boys and girls at these fairy themed parties – everyone is interested – everyone is captivated! Have a look and see!!