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Turn your lovely strong birthday boy or girl into one superhero saving the day with your very own performer spruced up as your favorite superhero. This is a perfect gift for your child!

This is a total fun jam-packed show stuffed with our Bat Girl Themed Party Activities and will bring the best experience for the children to get involved with by putting them into a superhero training as to how they will defeat villains, The packages are broken down into series of fun activities and interactive sessions that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy.

Our one hour show breakdown is as below:

0-10 minutes Meet & Greet
Your Hired Bat Girl Entertainer will gallop buildings as fast as she can from her bat-girl cave hide-out to be on her way to a special mission meeting her “mini bat girl”. Your performer will be shocked to see the number of her fans scattered around the city (your garden) as they greet their idol with lots of questions like “Are you and batman together?” “Do you have kids?” “How did your body gets so flexible?” etc

But before that- your entertainer will have a quick guessing game trying to find out who the birthday child is – The entertainer gets this so wrong in so many funny ways. Once he is able to identify who the birthday boy is – all mini superheroes will discover that they will be put into a superhero training to acquire Bat girl skills to defend themselves with bad civilians.

10-20 minutes Fun Themed Games
The children will be taught some survival skills from your Batgirl entertainer so the mini superfans can enhance their Speed in order to dodge bullets from the bad guys and travel really fast without spending gas using their mum and dad’s vehicles in the future.

20-35 minutes Rescue Me!
Your Batgirl Host wouldn’t want the children to be trapped and get capture by bad guys – that’s why she came up with a fun rescue training where half of the children get wrapped in big rolls of paper and the other half saves them by sneaking, running, hiding and strategize how they could rescue their best friends enclosed and captured in paper. Sometimes Mums and Dads even join in the fun at this stage.

All mini superheroes must have super strength like their idol has. Your entertainer brought a Big Gigantic Rope to come out and play tug of war in order to enhance the superheroes’ strength, dexterity and stamina.

35-40 minutes Use Your Magic Powers
The Superhero entertainer shows how to improve their superhero skills with Real Magic! Batgirl powers came from a bad experience that lead her to have MAGIC SKILLS! Your entertainer will show her Magic Tricks to all her fans making them so amazed clapping and shouting with waves of laughter.

40-55 minutes Parachute Of Colour & Balloons
A big colorful giant parachute is flung out across the crowd! The parachute makes it eye catching for Mums and Dads and love this part of the show as they take photos of their children playing with the parachute and the entertainer.
Your entertainer came up with some fun and silly games such as bringing the chute up and down as they lie, squealing with excitement, face up, underneath it and so much more that makes the birthday child feel to be the super star of the day!

Now that all boys and girls are fully trained and have all the skills that The Batgirl possess, they are now bestowed with a superhero tickle balloon swords that they can use to work together and defeat super-evil-villains (Daddies) – hehehehe!

At this point, we can say that the Training is now completed, your Brisbane party entertainer hands out birthday party stickers and magnets. All mini superheroes get to sing happy birthday to your special child before your host says goodbye to all of the mini Batgirl Fans.

You can even get your The Batgirl party entertainer to perform a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the children arrive and meet the guests. Your superhero party entertainer will ensure more fun games are played, including “pass the parcel” and even organise a pin-wheel making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be just for a little extra cost.

For only a little extra you will receive 30 mins MORE of entertainment as your Brisbane birthday party performer whisks her magic to paint up to 20 little cheeks in just 30 minutes!! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will leave the party with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value! (Please note: Due to the need for speed on face painting, we have set designs that are not themed. If you need themed face paints please hire one of our fabulous face painters for a minimum of two hours.)

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*all elements of the show are subject to change due to environment, weather conditions, health and safety and behaviour and age of the children. The content of the show is also subject to change. Each performer varies their show and adds their own games & personal touch to a performance.